Numerical models of the solar atmosphere


ID / link Code Target Dim.
bifrost_en024048_hion Bifrost Enhanced network 3D
co5bold_w04hdgr_seq1 CO5BOLD Quiet Sun 3D
co5bold_w11hdgr_seq1 CO5BOLD Quiet Sun 3D
FAL 1993 models FAL Quiet Sun, Plage 1D
AR 12158 GX Active Region 3D
sfar_flare20020412 GX Active Region + Dense Flare 3D
Coming soon:      
radyn_qs_2004 [Not available yet.] RADYN Quiet Sun 1D
[Not available yet.] RADYN Active Region 1D
[Not available yet.]   Prominence 2D

Please click on the links provided in the table above for more information and for access to the data and related synthetic observables. Most data is provided in FITS format and some of the 1D models in plain text.

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