Bifrost model en024048_hion

This downsampled version of a 3D MHD model of an enhanced magnetic network region was calculated with Bifrost and is publically available in full resolution on the Hinode SDC Europe pages in connection with IRIS (Carlsson et al. 2016). This simulation extends into the corona and includes non-equilibrium hydrogen ionisation. The model has been used for the synthesis of ALMA observables before (e.g., Loukitcheva et al. 2015).

Model properties

  • Target: enhanced network

  • Dimensions (x,y,z): 24.0 Mm x 24.0 x 16.7 Mm

  • Height range (z): -2.40326 Mm (convection zone) to  +14.3185 Mm (corona)

  • Grid points: 252 x 252 x 248
    (Please note that the data provided here are downsampled in order to speed up the computations. All variables (except the hydrogen population densities) are available in full resolution with 504 x 504 x 496 grid points at the Hinode SDC Europe. )

  • Grid resolution : horizontal: 95.24 km (x,y), vertical (z): 37.4 km to 0.194.3 km
    (original: horizontal: 48 km, vertical: 19 - 100 km)

  • Non-equilibrium hydrogen ionization included. Densities for H(n=1) and H+ are provided.

Available model data

All data can be downloaded from the directory or with direct links to the individual quanties listed in the table below.

Quantity Symbol Unit Data file and link
Log. gas density lgr kg m-3 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_lgr_385.fits
Log. energy lge J m-3 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_lge_385.fits
Log. gas temperature lgtg K BIFROST_en024048_hion2_lgtg_385.fits
Log. gas pressure lgp Pa BIFROST_en024048_hion2_lgp_385.fits
Velocity, x-component ux m s-1 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_ux_385.fits
Velocity, y-component uy m s-1 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_uy_385.fits
Velocity, z-component uz m s-1 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_uz_385.fits
Magnetic field strength, x-component bx T BIFROST_en024048_hion2_bx_385.fits
Magnetic field strength, y-component by T BIFROST_en024048_hion2_by_385.fits
Magnetic field strength, z-component bz T BIFROST_en024048_hion2_bz_385.fits
Log. electron density lgne m-3 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_lgne_385.fits
Log. population number density of hydrogen (HI) ground state lgn1 m-3 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_lgn1_385.fits
Log. number density of hydrogen ions (aka protons, HII, H+) lgn6 m-3 BIFROST_en024048_hion2_lgn6_385.fits

How to load the data in IDL: After downloading, simply use the READFITS function, e.g.:



data=READFITS([filename], header)

If the file is found, the variable "data" will contain an array (here 3D) for the corresponding physical quantity, while the optional variable "header" will contain the header information of the FITS file.

The x and y axes are equidistant with the grid-resolution given in the FITS header in units of Mm:
DX = 0.0952400000000
DY = 0.0952400000000

The z-axis in units of Mm with its 248 steps is available through:


Synthetic observables

  • To be added.

Simulated ALMA observations

  • None available yet.


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