Expert teams

ALMA is providing many new opportunities for solar physics. The expert teams presented here focus on selected topics with A-F being more technical while G-P address particular scientific topics.

As of November 2015,the teams G-L and P have each composed a strategic document, which outlines prioritized science cases, anticipated outcome, technical requirements and (if applicable) observation strategies for the Cycle 4 and the CSV campaign in 12/2015. The documents have been combined into a white paper and may also serve as a basis for Cycle 4 observing proposals.

The secondary goal is to get an overview of necessary preparations for future observation campaigns (Cycle 5 and beyond) and the post-processing and analysis of ALMA data.

The exchange of useful information and cross-team collaborations are organized through activities that involve the whole SSALMONetwork, incl. regular team reports and workshops.


A Numerical models of the solar atmosphere  
B Radiative transfer and brightness temperature synthesis  
C Simulating instrumental effects for ALMA (incl. interferometric imaging)  
D Spectral lines in the millimeter range as new diagnostic tools  
E Emission mechanisms at millimeter wavelengths  
F Magnetic field measurements  
G Oscillations and waves  
H Solar flares  
I Prominences  
J Chromospheric and coronal heating  
K Quiet Sun regions  
L Active regions and sunspots  
M Magnetic loops in the upper atmosphere  
N Space weather (inactive)  
O Implications for stellar physics - The solar-stellar connection  
P Limb-brightening studies  
Q ALMA Data Processing  


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